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Local Addresses and the Central Mail Hub >> Mail-Request Server

The mail-request server has now been replaced with a Web based service (see previous sections). The documentation below refers to an obselescent service and will be removed when the mail-request service is withdrawn.

Changing an Email Destination

In order to change your preferred email destination, make sure that you are sending email from your currently registered server and send email to

The mail message sent to requesting a new destination should contain the following lines.

Mailname: mailname
Destination: destination for electronic mail

The "mailname" you quote is your current mailname on the Central Mail Server. The "destination" for electronic mail is any valid address which can be reached from the Central Mail Server, and may be on or off campus and even in another country if this is desired. Note that the destination specifies the actual mailbox and system to which the email is to be directed, and not your central email address. Two examples are given below:

Mailname: F.G.Bloggs

Mailname: fgb123

Multiple destinations are allowed, and this can be achieved by additional Destination: lines containing the different destinations. For example

Mailname: F.G.Bloggs

Take care to format the request carefully, as the request will be processed automatically by server software and not read by anybody. A blank or incorrectly formatted message will generate a help message which will be sent back to you.

As a security measure, mail can only be redirected if the address from which the request is sent is one to which the mail is already being delivered for the mailname being changed. In addition to this, mail messages confirming the request and the change will be sent to both old and new destinations.

If you are unsure of the correct specification for the new destination, it is wise to redirect the mail to multiple destinations which include your existing mail destination. You can then check that the redirection has worked and then send in another request specifying the new destination only. If you do set the new destination incorrectly as the only destination, you will not be able to correct it and will need to seek help (see below).

If you have difficulties with setting a new address, help is available from the IT Service Desk. IT Service Desk staff have special access to the system which allows them to redirect anybody's email on the Central Mail Server, so if necessary they will be able to change your preferred email destination on your behalf.

Finding a Mail Destination

The destination of a mail address can be found by sending email to containing the Mailname: line. There are no restrictions, and you may find the destination for any registered mailname by this method. For example, to find the destination for the mailname F.G.Bloggs, you would send a message to containing
Mailname: F.G.Bloggs
Multiple destination lines can be specified if the message is sent from the campus network.
Alternatively, email destinations can be found from addresses (and vive versa) using the utilities provided by the mailhub web pages (

Last Updated 27 Jun 2001. Please mail any comments to

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